Friday, August 15, 2014

school days...

somewhere along the river
If anyone has seen the months of June and July, please let me know, as we seem to be heading toward fall VERY quickly.

The rest of our summer was fast, fun, and carefree.  A few day trips, still have a few more planned, and hopefully one more trip to the ocean before the end of August. 

My kiddos started school already and the house is too quiet.  This year, the preparations felt more calm.  One amusing thing was I found a box of school supplies - stuff I had purchased last year and then packed away for some reason.   So I really did not need to buy too much - or so I thought until the kids came back with more 'supply lists,  Why on earth do they always ask for glue sticks?  I have more glue sticks than art projects at my home at the moment.  

the school supply shelf in the garage
My youngest packing his binder for the first day 

Now that school has started and we have schedules, games, and whatnot going on, I still struggle between using a planner, online calendar, and my handy "Post it" calendar at home.    I tend to put appointments on my online calendar,  which is 'synced' with my phone, yet have a space at home where we can glance at upcoming things. 

The door going to the garage has my work schedule and school schedule information (including the football games - GO HUSKIES!!) on it.  The wall just to the left of that door has the ever-confusing school calendar along with the Post-It calendar (you can buy this at Target or Staples if you want one).   I like this one the best because you can re-use the sticky notes.  Each color is a chore, activity, or recurring appointment, and I just move them around (saves paper in the long run).    Yet as I mentioned, I still feel the 'need' for a paper planner (remember THOSE??) .  I think this is really a GenX thing - we like having the technology and the OLD School things.  Maybe I will just put it all in a Trapper Keeper with some pretty stickers and call it a day.